What exactly is hipster? Dictionary.com gives us a few answers: “A person, especially during the 1950s, characterized by a particularly strong sense of alienation from most established social activities and relationships.” Or, in laymen’s terms, “a person who is hip.”   

Their likes, for this group of nonconforming conformists, are rather similar in taste:

  •  Indie music

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon and Miller High Life

  • Expensive Vintage footware

  • Movies you wouldn't have seen

  • Ironic shirt or trucker hat

  • Clove cigarettes

  • Digital camera

  • Totally Retro Mustaches

  • Liberal arts degree

  • Culture substituting textbook tattoos, i.e. anchors, stars, birds, etc

  • Pitchfork.com

  • Anything Ironically Lower Class

Hipsters are categorized as nerds with an arrogant attitude. They judge everything from your favorite band to how judgmental you are. If it’s not up to par with their cool, all-knowing selves, they will likely scoff and walk away. If it happens to be unique and different, then your amazing, hip band/shirt/etc. immediately has to go. You see, a hipster is required to always be one step ahead in fashion and other popular trends. They are supposed to be unique and different, despite the fact that 99.9% of them wear the same exact things (skinny jeans, NHS glasses, wool hat, and a standoffish expression). In fact, they could have their hipster license suspended for up to five years if they are unable to maintain their individuality (disclaimer: may or may not be true).

There is also a fascination with online pictures. If they do not upload a new ridiculous kissy face picture, their life could very well come to an end…for that day, anyway.

Hipsters also have a habit of not caring. Most of the time, their answer will be “I don’t care” or something to that effect. This either pushes them into the coolest of the cool or causes people to flock away due to their…unpleasant demeanor.

Hipsters also do not wish to be labeled as a “hipster”. They find it to be offensive, seeing as they’re each “unique individuals.” They prefer to be referred to as “You’ve never heard of it.”

Information drawn from dictionary.com and cracked.com.


Writer for The Paladin and correspondent for The Accolade News


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