Kelly Clarkson
 I voted for her 3 times when she was on American Idol. I don't know if I have ever been so proud of something that I don't feel comfortable telling people. 

Snow Patrol
 I fully recognize that Snow Patrol is chick music, but I dig them anyways. 

Boys II Men
Mowtownphilly is back, indeed. 

Mariah Carey (1990-1995)
 If she had done the world a favor and retired a decade ago, I wouldn't have to consider this a guilty pleasure. 

 I just...she...soothing. 

He is a dirty little man, but he is just too funky for my earlobes to deny.


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  • Six. You have six listed. Why has nobody caught on to this fact? You can't do that. That breaks some kind of ethic. Except this is the blog.

    Man. If you can get away with that, what can't you get away with?

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